ContE is our primary content management system and development framework created by IT Experts to simplify the development, management and sharing of content over the intranet and internet.ConMan-Screen-Shot

It is a unique platform that transforms advanced and powerful web technologies into easy-to-use tools that can facilitate website and web application generation. One such tool is the WYSIWYG editor which allows content to be editted and published online without knowledge of HTML or any coding languages.

Features Overview

  • Simple. ContE is user-friendly and can be utilised by people without an IT background with relative ease.
  • Highly compatible. Suitable for most modern browsers, for example, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 6+.
  • Flexible. ContE lays a foundation that allows room for growth, extensions and alterations to better suit your business as it changes with time. This means new features like internet marketing tools, credit card processing, shopping cart, accounting may be developed for you at a later date upon discussion with one of our team members. It may also be possible to create specialised add-ons like rosters and client/customer file management systems.
  • Improved Meta-tag and keywords controls. ContE helps your SEO efforts by making it easier to adjust meta-content of your site on a per-page basis
  • Secure. ContE helps the business owner to better protect data in the workplace by way of user access control. This makes it possible for you to grant different staff members individual levels of access depending on their role in the business.


What does this mean to you?

It is not necessary to be an IT degree recipient or programmer to use ContE . The business owner or a designated staff member can make internet or intranet changes or updates as it becomes necessary. This saves you time and money by bypassing our Maintenance Team. Our Support Crew will still be available should you require further assistance with ContE .

Would you like to know more?

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